Universal Drops Theatrical Release of Stretch

So if you had a film that had a $5 million budget with a cast that included Patrick Wilson and Jessica Alba, and was produced by one of the most successful lower budget producers in the industry, Jason Blum, well you would think that film gets released theatrically as planned. In the case of the […]

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NY Media Center

The New York Media Center in DUMBO

The New York Center in DUMBO, Brooklyn opened late last year and is gearing up now. It is designed to be a place where creativity has a platform to meet and unite. In their words “The Made in NY Media Center by IFP in Dumbo, Brooklyn is where storytellers from multiple disciplines, industries and platforms […]

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Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese – “I think the future is bright”

Martin Scorsese penned an open letter to his daughter  proclaiming that the future for film is bright. The key to his view is that for the first time, films can be made for very little money given all the digital tools at our disposal from digital cameras to edit, mix and color-correct at home.  However […]

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Hollywood Sign

Why TV, Film Production is Running Away from Hollywood

Saw this interesting article  from Bob Strauss, Los Angeles Daily News. While it is not that surprising overall, the scale of  losing 4,500 production  jobs from 2005 to 2012 is surprising to me. For people looking to break into crew jobs, it makes all the sense to locate to live in states where there are […]

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How to Schedule a Film Shoot

If you have an experienced First Assistant Director, they will take care of doing a shoot schedule that will be the most efficient and cost-effective. If you don’t and have never scheduled a film shoot, here are some of the major rules in scheduling a film shoot. Note that even if you use a scheduling […]

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Motorized Slider

How to Build a Motorized Slider

It is always great to see the creativity of indie filmmakers in using their skills in place of money solutions. The smooth controlled movement provided by a motorized slider creates beautiful professional looking shots. A motorized slider cost $500 plus but David Kong was kind enough to post on Vimeo how to make one for […]

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2014: Crowdsourcing, 4K Cameras & VOD

As 2013 winds down and we look ahead to 2014, there are many positive trends that bode well for independent film. My top three touch upon raising money, shooting your film and distributing your film: Crowdsourcing: Via Platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, filmmakers are funding more and more films through these social funding platforms. Given […]

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Global Indie Film

Indie Film Shot in Taiwan

The independent film” Stand” was shot in Taiwan. The film is about two brothers who get trapped in a Vietnamese jungle after stepping into a field of land mines. A majority of the film takes place with them stuck in the land mine area, afraid to move. Not knowing much beyond this, I think there […]

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How to Pitch for Financing

Raising money is the single most difficult thing to do for an indie filmmaker. Without the money in place, nothing can happen regardless of how great of a script you have and how much talent you have assembled in cast and crew. So lets assume you have a business plan or offering memorandum in hand […]

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Weinstein Company and Miramax in win win deal

On Monday, a deal was announced that reunited the Weinstein brothers with Miramax. Under the deal, Weinstein Company will produce and distribute movies in partnership with Miramax. Miramax will finance 2-3 new films, 2-4 new TV shows and one stage production each year under the deal. Weinstein Company will also gain access to the 700 […]

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Patrick Wilson in Insidious

Casting Stars in Low Budget Films

Over the last few years, we are seeing more and more stars working in low budget indie films. Historically stars have and did turn to indie fare to take on roles that were challenging, gave them acting roles that were not available in bigger studio films and they were paid significantly less to do so. […]

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Ed Burns Brothers McMullen

Ed Burns Brother McMullen Re-visited

As an independent filmmaker, it is always inspirational to see low budget indie filmmakers succeed so it is worth re-visiting  1995’s Brothers McMullen. It is also great to get insight on how a film was made and learn from it. Brothers McMullen was made in 1994 and premiered in the 1995 Sundance Film Festival. The […]

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How to Rehearse For a Film

Directors rehearses differently. There are some that prefer little rehearsal because they want the raw performance to unfold during the shoot. On the other extreme is the director who rehearses for a week plus to get the performance to the level they want it to be. Part of this decision will be based on the […]

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